10 09—25 ELEMENTIKA II, Schiffscontainermuseum, Jungkunst, Winterthur
10 29—11 01 KONTIKA, Galerie Wenger, Booth C4, Kunst15, Zürich
11 30 & 31 Kunstfenster H10, mural, Hildastrasse 10, Zürich
11 19—29 groupshow, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn



TIKA is the visual language of self-taught artist Maja Hürst. Her universe of clear, graphic shapes and vary textures originate in the broad nosed character which Hürst has first drawn in 2003. The imagery is a discourse of aspects of todays global society and the nearly forgotten traditions and sagas of the past. The strictly regulated way of living in modern megacities is catalyzed into reduced shapes on grid precision, filled with savagely applied textures and scratches through layers of dust, paint and history reminding of wild vintage tropicalism. Abstract human figures interweave with animals and objects to let our day to day life joust with our human inheritage of tales and symbols. It reminds of the circles of eternal vanity and leaves a hint of myth.

Maja Hürst is constantly traveling, never based longer than a few month at one place. The nomad was born in Switzerland in 1978, raised in Cairo and Cologne. In 2004 she received her diploma in Visual Communication at the school of art and design Zürich, ZHdK. Deeply rooted in d.i.y. culture she experiments with any manual multiplying techniques like wood- or linocut, silkscreenprint and stencil. She also creates by using soldering guns, knifes, brushes, pens, ink feathers, rollers, spraypaint, scissors, anything crossing her hands. Often her works are covered in a relief of small handcut silver-tape-leaves and integrated light chains. She works as a fulltime artist.

TIKA can be found as building bracing murals in Alexandria, Atlanta, Bangkok, Berlin, Cape Town, Cologne, The Gambia, Istanbul, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Zürich, to name a few. On canvas, burned in wood or painted behind glass, Maja Hürst's studiowork has been on display at various solo- and group expositions at museums and galleries around the world.



10 KONTIKA, Kunst15, Booth C4, Galerie Wenger, Zürich
10 ELEMENTIKA II, Schiffscontainermuseum, Jungkunst, Winterthur
04 ELEMENTIKA, Stägehuus, Zürich

07 AKROBATIKA, Galerie Gartenflügel, Ziegelbrücke 
04 SAWATIKA, Toot Yung Art Center, Bangkok

08 RABIESTIKA, Neonchocolate, Berlin
04 TIKATHEK, Skalizers Gallery, Berlin
02 KAPTIKA, /A Word Of Art Space, Cape Town

05 RIO TIKA, La Cucaracha, Rio de Janeiro

10 RIOT IKA, Supalife, Berlin
06 ANIMALISTIKA, Inoperable Gallery, Vienna
03 HELVETIKA, Hana Zuki, Amsterdam


09 Artgau, Picadilly Brugg
06 1/12 Egli, Eglistrasse 8, Zürich

12 Windfall, Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg
11 Magma II, Upadastra House, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
11 Magma I, St. Jude Bakery, Bandra, Mumbai
05 Die Kunstagentin, Cologne

12 Reclaim Your City, Berlin
09 Cityleaks, Cologne
08 Die Weinhalde, Küsnacht
08 Placebo 2, Büro Discount, Zürich
08 The Circle Show, Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin
05 Group Show One, Stägehuus, Zürich
03 Bukruk, Art & Culture Center, Bangkok

12 Rede Nami, Rio de Janeiro
08 Ilovit, Copenhagen Art Festival, Copenhagen
08 Living Walls Conference, Atlanta G.A.
07 Get Freaky, Above Second Gallery, Hong Kong
06 Street Print, Galerie Modul, Kunsthalle Dresden,
06 Skulpturenpark, Zwicky, Fällanden
04 TNT, with Thierry Furger, Zürich
03 Knock On Wood, Schau Fenster, Berlin
02 Get Freaky Tour, Le Micro Marché, Bruxelles
01 Get Freaky Tour, Le Monde Moderne, Lille

12 Dia dos Muertos, Homegrown, Rio de Janeiro
12 Lessing groupshow, Zürich
12 Get Freaky Tour, L'Hotel de Guines, Arass
10 Reclaim your City, U-bhf Mehringdamm, Berlin
09 Art Cycle 5, Inoperable Gallery, Vienna
05 Papergirl, Milk Gallery, Istanbul
04 Swiss Caracter Design, Büro Discount, Zürich
04 Very Contemporary, Proger Bern
01 Guten Tag, /A Word Of Art space, Cape Town

12 Le Grande Finale, ATM Gallery, Berlin
11 Optativo, West Berlin Gallery, Berlin
10 Stroke 0.3, Soon Art Gallery, Berlin
09 Art Cycle 4, Inoperable Gallery, Vienna
09 Reclaim Your City, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin
06 Papergirl, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin

12 Salon Schwarzenberg, Neurotitan Galerie, Berlin
11 Go get your shinebox, Brooklynite Gallery, New York
11 Gentrification, Visarte Kunstetage, Zürich
10 Jungkunst, Winterthur
09 Art Cycle 3, Inoperable Gallery, Vienna
09 Old Skoolin', Art Whino, Washington DC
07 Freak Revolt, WIR Gallery, Berlin
07 Papergirl, Alte Post Neukölln, Berlin
06 Urban Affairs, Stadtbad Wedding, Berlin
01 Social Responsability Department, Schmuck Inc., Zürich

09 Gruppenausstellung, Binz, Zürich
09 Very Contemporary, Stadtgalerie, Proger, Bern
03 2 years inoperable, Inoperable Gallery, Vienna
01 Permanent Gallery, Art Whino, Washington

12 From... To…, Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles
07 Cocido Madrileño, Rojo Máquina Gallery, Madrid
02 Auswärts Zuhause, Jeunesse 6, Montpellier

12 Woostercollective, 11 Spring Street, New York
11 Dia de los Muertos, Miss Hecker, Berlin
09 Brandwagen, Wiener Arsenal, Vienna
05 (ob)session, Gravis, Sofia
04 TGS worldwide, First Ladies, Zürich
02 Strange Creatures, Kuala Lumpur 

06 VK Diplomausstellung ZHdK, Zürich

04 Handmade, ZHdK Plakatsammlung, Zürich

09 Collectiva, Centro Cultural, Mexico D.F.

03 Wiesenzimmer, DUDA-Haus, Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich
02 Jeder kann Malen, solo, Galerie Limmatstrasse, Zürich

12 Velcrofoto, solo, Walthi, Zürich


09 Reclaim, mural, RYC Kongress, Mensch Meier, Berlin
09 Bienli, mural, artGau, Picadilly, Brugg
09 Yeah Geburi, mural, with Zoël, Letten Zürich
08 tigersplatter, mural, with Ksen, Freibad, Frauenfeld
08 grayhound, mural, Fou de Fougerette castle, Etang sur Arroux
07 owl, on Trailor waggon, Wagenplatz, Klybeck Areal, Basel
06 Anaheim & The Irma an Luise split single, recordcover, Zürich 
05 graine de folie, guestroom, Fou de Fougerette castle, Etang sur Arroux
05 Basilisk, mural, Steinentorstrasse 45, Basel
04 Seamonsters, boat sails, Cecina, Mediterranian Sea
04 Kotu Roti, food truck, Zürich
03 Morgen Grauen, mural, Zürich
03 Öpfel & Bira, collaboration mural, Zürich

12 Pegasus & Foal, mural, Ahmedabad
12 Day — he in the sun, mural, Mumbai
12 Night — she in the moon, mural, Mumbai
12 Fish Fingers, Mural, Darawi, Mumbai
11 New Friends, mural, Bandra, Mumbai
11 Mermaid, mural, Bandra, Mumbai
11 lucky cat at the fishpond, with Anpu, Mumbai
10 Mism Record, edition of 100, Zürich
10 Jungkunst portraits, Zürich
09 Waschbär mit dem goldenen Ei, mural, Halle
09 Gepäckausgabe, installation, Glarus
09 Loki uf em Abstellgleis, mural, Winterthur
07 Uhu, mural, Zürich
07 Hey Du I .... You!, mural, Zürich
06 AQUATIKA, Ahoi project room, Basel
06 Goldfisch, mural, Winterthur
05 Chrottepösche, mural, ArtGau, Brugg
05 Make Love Not Lofts, mural, Zürich
04 Swimmer in Klong Ekkamai, mural, Bangkok
04 Hands, workshop, Swiss School Bangkok
02 Art To Go No3, Ahoi Ahoi, Basel
02 Bananas, mural, Bangkok
01 Big Zis & TIKA, ep2/3 release, Helsinki Klub, Zürich

12 Gentrification Monster, reclaim your city, Berlin
12 Art To Go No2, Ahoi Ahoi, Basel
12 Verein Zitrone, on and behind glass painting, Altstetten
12 Velocitta, shutter painting, Zürich
11 TIKA skull, wallpainting, Zürich
11 Weingeist, wall & ceiling painting, privat residency, Höngg
10 Tim & Puma Mimi, woodcut for Flexirecord
09 Dog Days, mural, Cologne
09 Queen Of The Night, mural, Cologne
08 Rabenmädchen, shutter painting, Sonic Records, Zürich
08 Feinheit Portraits, Zürich
08 Viva Con Agua, Basel
07 KONTIKA, building a raft with friends, Berlin
07 Wave Festival, workshop & livepainting, Aubange
07 Sommer, mural, Zürich
06 several murals, Lisboa
02 Four Lotustrees, mural, BACC, Bangkok

12 Big Zis & TIKA, ep1/3 release, Binz, Zürich
11 Binz Flag, with August Blum, Zürich
11 MORTALISTIKA, wax installation, White Squat, Zürich
11 Art To Go, Le Magaz-1, Basel
10 Der Sommer stirbt jedes Jahr für den Winter, mural, Zürich
10 Argosleo, sculpture, Fällanden
09 Staibock & Hirtin, mural 7x2m, Chur
09 Binz bliibt Binz, mural, Zürich
09 Egghead, with Rimon Guimarães, mural, Zürich
09 Museumsnacht, mural 25x6m, Morant, St. Gallen
08 Mrs. Wendal, mural 100x20m, Center Stage, Atlanta, G.A.
07 ANIMALISTIKA, performance, Museumsquartier Vienna
07 Creation, minivan painting, Vienna
06 Birebaum, ceiling painting 7x25m, Restaurant Feldberg, Basel
05 Bird Tree, mural, Wallpainting Exchange, Goethe Institut, Sofia
02 Deu Zebra, mural 7x5m, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro
02 Graffiteiras Soltando Os Bixos, mural 8x8m, Cedim, Rio de Janeiro

12 Zürich–West painting, Tiefbauamt Stadt Zürich
11 Wash Project, Viva Con Agua, Hamburg
09 Ridin' the animal within you, mural 18x3m, Bicycle Film Festival, Vienna
09 Steffi (&) the Swan, mural 2x9m, Naschmarkt, Vienna
08 Aeterna Vanitas, mural 20x7m, Grabowsee, Berlin
07 Ikarus sister, mural 20x12m, Parque del Sol, St. Pölten
06 Manegg, floor- & wallpainting 10x10x10m, Zürich
06 Wide Open Walls, various murals, Makasutu, Gambia
05 Stadtmusikanten, with Kowalski, mural 2x5m, Istanbul
05 Isis, crocodile & papyrusboat, mural 15x6m, Alexandria
03 Museumsnacht, livepainting, Kunsthaus Zürich
03 Woodstock Peacock, mural 5x5m, Cape Town
02 Lion & Peacock, mural 5x25m, Cape Town

10 Partyanimals, mural 20x7m, Club Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin
06 Papergirl, mural 9x9m Neurotitan, Berlin
06 Scope, livepainting, Art Basel
04 Arvol Da Morte, ceiling- & wallpainting, privat residency, Buenos Aires
03 guerreiras soltando os bixos, mural 40x4m Salvador da Bahia
01 Waldmannli, mural 6x2m, privat residency, Sedrun

12 Wolpertika, ceilling, floor & wallpainting, Gängeviertel, Hamburg
10 Uhu & Kerbel, mural 20x6m, privat residency, Netstal
09 We love Velove, with Lelo, mural 10x3m, Bicycle Film Festival, Vienna
08 Garden Secret, mural 1.5x3m, privat residency, Wallisellen
06 Goatflu, mural 5x3m goat, farm, Berner Oberland
06 Velove, with Bera White, mural, Creaturefest, Belgiardino, Lodi
05 Inoperable at Le Meridien, livepinting, Vienna
05 Coffee, mural, Henrici Cafe, Zürich

08 I Luv Langstrass, Installation, Message Salon, Zürich
08 Heart & Hands, with Bera White, mural, Creaturefest, Belgardino, Lodi
02 Officewall, with M8, mural, Munich

08 Grünipiraten, with M8, mural, privat residency, Berlin
01 Amzone, with Elak & Enta, mural, Overspray office, New York

09 Homies, with Enta, Jamarico, Winterthur


07 residency, Fou de Fougerette, Etang sur Arroux

08 black hand / white hand, Collection Kanton Zürich
01 resindency, Toot Yung Art Center, Bangkok — 04

11 Sunne / Blueme, Collection Kanton Zürich
06 residency, Die Weinhalde, Küsnacht — 08

07 residency, Museumsquartier, Vienna 
06 Velove edition, Collection Kanton Zürich

01 residency, A Word Of Art through Pro Helvetia, Cape Town — 03

09 residency, Kunstetage through Visarte, Zürich — 11

04 Plakatsammlung, ZHdK, Zürich


06 diploma Visual communication, University of Art and Design Zürich, ZHdK

Vorkurs & SVG, ZHdK

Kunstklasse, F+F Zürich


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